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Fruit Infused Water - Not Just For Detox Purposes

My kid loves his milk, especially chocolate milk. Other favorites are Gatorade and green tea. Like my husband, Logan isn't a fan of plain 'ole boring water. For me, I don't like the flavored packets. Too many ingredients I can't pronounce. 

I have been drinking fruit infused water for quite some time now. I started mostly to rid my stomach of the icks and calm the tantrums down. With my diverticulitis, anything can set off an attack, even some foods I have ate for years. 

My picky drinkers are now hooked on fruit infused water. My favorite, if I have had a cocktail or gone out to dinner with girlfriends, is a natural slim tummy detox blend. As my clean eating journey continues, I find so many great recipes all over the place and this includes water. 

Logan was curious over the weekend about the fruit infused water I was drinking. I made a batch for him in a mason jar, because for some reason, beverages taste better in a mason jar. He sipped it down with his curly straw and wanted more. 

It's amazing how the body can feel refreshed and clean when drinking more water. My husband added blueberries and blackberries to his purified water pitcher in the refrigerator. *thumbs up*

I leave my extra lemon and orange on the counter because I end up using all of it within a couple of hours. They'll be fine in the refrigerator, too. 

Happy Tummy Fruit Infused Water

What you will need: 

3 thin lemon slices
3 thin orange slices
Fresh mint leaves

Fill your glass with 5-6 ice cubes. Add your sliced lemon and oranges. I shred my mint leaves by hand but you can cut them if you prefer. Add the mint. Fill your glass with water. Stir. I pop my glass in the freezer for a few minutes. I love it extra cold and with a curly straw. 

I know Logan will be mixing up different fruits and herbs and will probably figure out a way to blow up the kitchen. (Thank goodness for renters insurance) 

Forever my mad scientist. 

Until next time, stay quirky and hydrated!

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