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You Don't Look Like A Homeschool Mom

In my 3 years of homeschooling I have never had a conversation like this before:

Woman: You don't look like you are a homeschool mom.

Me: What do you mean?

Woman: Aren't homeschool moms simple looking?

*simple has two meanings so I needed clarification*

Me: When you say simple....

Woman: No make-up, skirts, hair in a bun or back, not like this."

She motions her finger up and down at me. And it dawned on me, she's describing Michelle Duggar! 
Now I don't dislike the Duggars but I am not a fan either, their show is a little too gushy for my taste but hey, they can afford and take care of their brood then whatever floats their procreating boat, who am I to judge but I don't know about this comparing homeschool mamas to Michelle Duggar.

Me: So because I am wearing jeans, a sweater, my hair is down and I have make-up on I don't fit the homeschool mom mold for you?

Woman: Well, yes, I guess,

She was becoming uncomfortable but she just kept digging and I let her; it's entertaining.

I thought homeschool moms were very religious, carry a Bible with them, wear crosses and don't wear labels, isn't that against who you are?

Me: Who do you think I am exactly? We just meant a few minutes ago and you have already made up your mind of who you think I am and who you think other homeschool mothers are and how they should dress and act; let me ask you this, are you a mother, do you have children and if so do they attend school?

Woman: I have two young kids, 15 months and 4 years old, my 4 year old goes to preschool.

Me: So your perception of homeschool is what you see in the news or on TLC who also show people eating paint as an addiction and women not knowing they are pregnant and squatting babies out in the toilet. Are you married?

Woman: Ugh, what does that matter?

Me: Are you?

Woman: No, we will someday.

Me: Unmarried mother of two living with her boyfriend, you don't look like someone like that.

At this point the blood has drained from her face as I motion my finger at her.

Me: Perception can be dangerous, be careful what you say to people because unlike Michelle Duggar I'm not that nice.

I am pretty sure she will NEVER do that again. I'm just here to educate those who have this vision of what homeschool families should look like. We all have our reasons for homeschooling, we all come from different walks of life and if you don't like how society labels you don't slap one on someone else because though I may not smack people with my Bible He has definitely armed me with quick wit and common sense which seems to be lacking now days. 

Has this ever happened to you? What was your response? Do you feel homeschool moms have a certain persona? 

Stachified Friday

Wouldn't it though?

If you are ever low, ever down
Turn that frown upside down

Slap on a stache or a silly face

And laugh yourself all over the place!

Never take life or yourself too seriously, just laugh!

Happy Friday my Peeps!

How I See Things - Logan's First Post


I was going to talk about my public school experience but I’m not ready for that yet. Here is how I see homeschooling:

·         It is awesome

communications,emotions,gestures,hands up,happy,people,overhead,waving

·         Two thumbs up

iStockphoto,thumbs up,fingers,hands,gestures,symbols,signs,OK,all the best

·         Extreme

chemistry,chemists,experiments,laboratories,occupations,persons,science,scientific experiments,scientific research,scientists,test tubes,vials

·         No lines for the cafeteria


·         No bullying

boys,bullies,children,emotions,fists,frightened,gestures,kids,people,scared,shaking fist

·         School in my pajama’s rocks


The friends I have made while homeschooling has been easier then when I was in other schools because they are more accepting. They don’t make fun of my physical quirks. People shouldn’t do that because everyone has quirks.

I don’t want to go back to school and my mom doesn’t want me to either. And she won’t let me she said. I do want to visit my old private school in Gulf Breeze someday; I really liked Good Shepherd because it was really small.

Homeschooling has made me better; I am more open with people and not scared to be me.

I hope you liked my first post!

It’s the Best Day Ever!

A Lesson on Compassion

When my son was little and continually ill I would ask God to please give us break, enough was enough but then another wave of illness or hospitalization would occur and the defeated emotions would take over.  Spending a great deal of time in the children’s hospital and with other parents was comforting; we gave each other support. As Logan would interact with the other children on our floor they spoke to one another as if they created their own special language.

Pre-homeschool life Logan attended a small private school, picture Little House on the Prairie, the children all got along, played well, embraced Logan’s quirks with open arms. However, there was one boy in particular who wasn’t so caring, borderline bully, later I had found out from his grandmother that he was bullied at the previous public school. That is why they enrolled him at the private school. He was quite a bit taller than all the other children so he was bullied for his height. Well, when he came to the private school he felt a little too empowered and started to immolate his bully predecessors.

The children were playing kickball and this young boy made a derogatory comment to a little girl in their class. She was such a sweet girl and cute as could be; she was born with only half of her left arm. Without even thinking twice Logan stepped in a told that boy to not say such mean things to his friend. The teacher heard what was going on and took immediate action. When I arrived in the afternoon to pick Logan up the teacher told me about the incident and how proud she was of Logan for defending the little girl; not too many boys in 1st grade would do that and especially for a girl.

I asked Logan about it in the car and his reply was this “She is my friend and I don’t like people picking on her because he said she was weird, she’s not, and there is nothing wrong with her!” Logan was quite upset about it. When the class made Christmas ornaments for the cities children’s hospital some of the kids were uneasy, they didn’t know what to expect. We sang carols in the hallway and when we finished Logan left the group and walked right into this boy’s hospital room. At first I didn’t know if he could do that and as I was going to get him his teacher whispered to me “Let him.” Logan stood right next to his bed, out stretched his hand to reveal his ornament “I made this for you, Merry Christmas.” The smile, the glow in this boy’s eyes it was as Logan had just handed him gold. He responded with such happiness “Thank you and Merry Christmas to you.”

Over the years I have been told by family, friends and complete strangers that my son is going to change the world, he’s an old soul, you can see his wisdom and innocence in his bright blue eyes. His empathy for people is astounding; it’s unyielding. Logan clings closely to his sacred relationship with God and Jesus. For him to be the age that he is at he still treads with what is written in the Bible, what is right and what is wrong. When he was extremely ill one time as an infant we saw this very large hand print on his back. We disclosed this to our pastor and he replied “I believe you son was touched by God.” At the time I didn’t know what that meant for Logan or if that were true. Could it be mistaken identity like the Virgin Mary in a slice of bread? Now I believe he was.

The trials and tribulations that my son has endured since birth would have left many bitter and discontent; not Logan. If anything it has infused more love, faith and forgiveness in his soul. No matter the severity of the bullying he encountered at his brief stay at that public school he said to me “I forgive them mommy for what they did to me, you need to forgive them too.” I cupped his face in my hands and could see his soul in those eyes grinning at me. A wave of peace came over me and I knew my son was exceptional but for him to forgive them when it was so gut wrenching for me. I told him I forgave them and then we prayed.

I used to think I was being punished or we were cursed or something when Logan was battling illness after illness but I see that it molded him in to such a phenomenal kid. He loves and accepts everyone even those who treated him poorly for being “different”. God blessed us with this faith filled child who exuberates joy and acceptance; we call him the “little kid whisperer” no matter where we are kids flock to him and they hug him and want to hold his hand, it is so adorable! Even though Logan has sensitivity to touch he never backs away, he reciprocates without hesitation.

Our pastor told us “His compassion is infectious; he will spread it over the world when he grows up.” I believe he has already begun.

Stache Test

This is a test from the Emergency Stache Station if this were an actual post you would need a box of Depends to continue on.

This is only a test!