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What I Think About Moving


Leaving friends

Leaving my best friend


Feeling sad


Making new friends

Visit new places

See new animals

Learn new history

Facetime my best friend

I am excited to meet new kids.

I met two new boys who knew what the cheese touch was and they fist bumped. Andrew has seen all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies. I told him that my best friend Matthew knew them all too.

We picked Andrew up and his mom and they rode with us to the community center and we talked about Mindcraft, Lego's and robots.

I like our new house.

In our new dining room it feels like a greenhouse with all the plants and trees around us. It makes me want to relax.
I switched rooms. The other one is more young adult.

There are always cons with moving but I found more pros.  I'm a positive type of kid.

I say thank you God for bringing us here. He knows what is right for us.

me and my dad at the cool art museum

this science museum was my favorite

me and my mom exploring the woods. I was itching my nose and my mom thought it was funny.