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I AM Socialized

My mom is asked this question all of the time and I don't get why, "Is your son socialized?" What does that mean? That I don't talk to other people? I am talking to you right now, why are you asking that? My mom is talking to you? We socialize with others all of the time. We choose not to socialize with jerks, with people who make us feel bad. 

I am not locked in a cage, chained to the computer working on assignments and tests until my fingers hurt. That sounds like the public school I went to. 

Learning a new swear word in the hallways of school is not socialization. 

I have friends. I go on field trips. I talk to little kids and adults. I love everyone until you hurt my feelings or my moms or my dads, until you say something to be mean, until you are a jerk. 

Education is about learning not about how many people I socialized with today. I have manners, you don't if you ask my mom about homeschooling and socialization. 

Why are people so worried about that? Why is it your business? You don't live with me. You are being rude if you ask my mom "Are you worried that he isn't socialized enough?" 

My mom tells me to think before I speak, we all need to do that. 

I am socialized. Homeschool is fun and I would not want anyone else but my mom to teach me. She loves teaching and I love learning. 

Don't be a jerk!