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I Can Call Her By Her First Name

I like that my mom is a writer. She has friends that are authors and they are really cool. One of her friends is writing book and her name is Aurora. Not her real name. I don’t want to give the author's identity away, you know, like Batman or Spiderman. I’m great at keeping secrets.
She sends over excerpts of her book she is writing. It’s awesome!
My mom has read her book Ellie Stanton Would Like To Thank You From The Bottom Of Her Heart, No Seriously. She said it was a fantastic story and my mom is a picky reader.
I am giving Aurora my mustache award for being cool and letting me read what she writes. To include me is awesome. My mom is going to post the cover and what the book is about.

All of my mom’s friends talk and treat me very nicely. They never make me feel bad about myself. I have been around adults that treat their kids or their friend like annoyances. I can feel that they aren’t happy people. Who wants to hang around them? Not me and not my mom.

It’s the simple act of an author including me in their writing that makes me smile. Five Stache’s Aurora!

*courtesy of Goodreads*
Ellie Stanton needed to have a good day. The universe had something else in store. Getting caught shoplifting. Check. Dumping her lame boyfriend. Check. Expulsion from school. Check. Getting kicked out of her house and then stealing her mother’s car while she’s in a NJ turnpike rest stop Cinnabon? Check. The only sensible option is to run as fast as she can and never look back. Now Ellie is running going cross country to raise a little hell and maybe along the way learn everything she needs to know about life.

I love, love, love new authors and I love, love, love this book. Ellie  reminds me of a friend I had in high school, I think that's what partly pulled me in but also the writing is beyond amazing. It's fresh and not like all the others books that have been coming out lately. 
The kid scolded me for not writing a proper review for Aurora and shame on me for not. Giving it just stars isn't enough. Bad reader. Bad, bad reader I am. 

Seriously though, I want to thank Aurora for including Logan. He truly looks forward to each excerpt and feels pretty darn special. Thank you! You rock! 
~The Mother aka MamaSwede

"Homeschoolers Are Quitters." Tell That To The Twelve-Year Old Attending Harvard

Because my son and I share this blog I will need to keep my colorful vocabulary to myself. However, over at Cracked Chronicles…it’s on like Donkey Kong.

Last night, an old acquaintance posted a question on her facebook page about online high school classes. At first I thought she truly wanted feedback about the topic so I responded with my usual statement that each family is different and with the variety of homeschool online classes her daughter would have a range of educational lessons at the tips of her fingers.

Immediately her friends disregarded my statement and through out statements of “kids need structure, they find that at school” After reading that I soon discovered that SHE wanted to show her daughter that HER friends found online classes unproductive.

I disagreed with the structure comment because let’s think about that word for a moment. People believe that structure means discipline or order. The definition is building upon elements, arranging them in a way that is cohesive. In a sociology aspect it’s about relationships, forming bonds with others. Of course, that pushes the word socialization into the mix.

That word is a homeschoolers toilet paper. People say it us, we wipe it, and flush it away because in most cases it's presented in a negative tone, “Aren’t you concerned that your son won’t have that high school experience?” “What about friends? Prom? Football games? Homecoming?”

I have to tell you the truth. You may want to sit down but…
Homeschool organizations have all of that and more!

GASP! I know, shocking. We also don't drive covered wagons.

After walking away from the conversation last night I mistakenly looked at it this morning and this fabulous piece of ignorance slapped me right in the face and fell into my coffee, Home school is for quitters. It's important for kids to be in the social environment even if they don't like it. It teaches them responsibility. Buck up and get er done. Then go off to college…."

First, he used the term “get er done.”
Do I need to go further? Really?

I would love to have him say those words to my child when he was bullied and humiliated at school. You are right. We quit. We quit the joke that is called the public school system in St. Lucie County, Florida five years ago. Last time I checked bullying isn’t socialization and it sure didn’t teach responsibility as my son was left behind from his class and wandered the outdoor halls alone for five minutes. Did I mention he was 8 at the time.

You know who says statements like that above, people who don’t have a clue about education or life. Their adult existence is stuck in high school. They are concerned about social status, the family next door who purchased the new boat, snowmobile, and four-wheeler and how can his family up that because no one can have more than him. That is the same person who believes Autism is contagious and that my son is hermit locked beneath the stairs, shunned by society for being different.

Ignorance is contagious.

As he spewed it on her page others praised him. It actually made my stomach turn and I unfriended her because I can’t have that negativity anywhere near me.

I wanted to respond to his comment. But I didn’t because it would have erupted into a school yard brawl with me getting the punches and "my" friend would watch near the swings because those people are popular, they are in her life and have been since high school. What would it have accomplished? Nothing. His mind was made up. So, I quit her page and her daughter’s page.

I value others opinions—I do and I enjoy a good debate but with every opinion and every debate you must present facts. I have an opinion on many things but I also have some kind of understanding or facts to back my opinion. I don’t frolic around the land of Say-Whatever-I-Want-Without-Consequences. That’s ignorant.

All right, I’ve spent enough time on this topic and gave that guy too much of my breath and time. Let me end my post with this...

When my son has created a wormhole, travels through it, discovers the cure for some disease from a planet, in a galaxy (far, far, away) brings it back to earth and helps millions I will make sure Logan gives a shout to the man who called him a quitter because that name is etched into my brain.

Just as Linda, Logan's daycare provider said to me back in Sioux Falls when he was little, “Your son is lazy that’s why he isn’t walking yet.”
That wasn’t why. Logan was sick. Very sick and his illness deteriorated his muscle tone. And by the grace of God and Logan’s determination he surprised his doctors and took his first unaided steps one week after his two-year old birthday. 

Be careful who you condemn because they maybe your savior one day.

Top Chef Winner Of Just Desserts Is Just Awesome

Watching Top Chef with my mom and dad is one of my favorite things to do. When Top Chef Just Desserts aired my mom showed me that her friends husband was one of the chefs. I remembered him from other food competitions and was excited to watch him on Top Chef. His name is Chef Chris Hanmer and he won the season. 

In June we went back home to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to visit my grandpa and nana and my whole family. My mom's friend Caryn saw that we were coming to visit and told us we should come down to see them. Chris and Caryn opened a shop in downtown Sioux Falls called CHPatisserie. My mom will have to post the website. 

I was excited and when I met him I was starstruck. It was so cool. His daughter was there and she was cute and really funny. They gave me a mustache suitcase tag and Chris said I could pick out whatever dessert I wanted. 

There was so many but I chose a brownie because those are my favorite.

My dad and grandpa picked out something too. So did my mom.

When it was time to go I had my picture taken with Chris.

It was the best day ever!

I am writing this now because sometimes I have a hard time expressing how I feel and I don't want my mom and dad to do it for me all the time. Chris didn't treat me like an annoying kid or that I wasn't important. He didn't treat me different because I was feeling awkward. Chris and Caryn are very nice people. It meant a lot to me that Chris talked to me and didn't ask my mom and dad questions about me while I was standing right there. I don't like it when people do that. I'm awkward not invisible.

Some people let fame get to them. They treat people differently. They want others to feel bad and that is a jerk thing to do. Not Chef Chris! He is awesome! Thank you Chris and Caryn!

And that brownie was the best I have ever eaten. 

Five mustaches for them

My mom will post their website.
Have the best day ever everyone!

Love, Logan

Hello Quirky Peeps! The mom here.
Here is the website for CH Patisserie

Logan's focus is it write about those who treat others with kindness and respect. That is his mission. Spread the mustache love! You never know what lasting impression you leave on a child by simply not dismissing them because they are different.

xxoo Andrea