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What Autism Means To Me - Part 2

Two years ago I wrote What Autism Means To Me. I was going to read it to my homeschool group when we lived in Florida but I couldn't. Mom read it for me and she started to cry. Everyone cried. I didn't want to make people cry, but I wanted people to know that they need to educate themselves about the autism spectrum. 

I push my feelings about this because it makes me sad when kids that are viewed as weird or different and they get treated badly. It's not right. My mom and dad have taught me to love everyone, no matter who they are. 

Schools don't do anything for kids that are bullied. They make the ones bullied feel bad and don't punish the bullies. How is that right? Why should we change to fit in? Why should we hide our quirks so we aren't bullied? Why are we not accepted for who we are? 

Everyone has quirks. 

I don't play sports. I can swim, but I'm not strong at it. I don't want to ride a bike. I'm a nerd. I love computers and video games. I can write codes and programs. I read a lot. I love cartoons like The Regular Show and Adventure Time. I love being a nerd, a gaming geek, it's what I do. I don't bully other kids if they love sports or can swim or ride a bike. That's what they like to do. 

Autism is a small part of my DNA. The rest of me Logan. I love the beach and the mountains, but I don't like bugs. I believe in ghosts and aliens. I love our environment and want to protect it. People that litter make me mad. 

Autism doesn't define me or any other kid. We want acceptance and encouragement. We can't always express how we feel, but we want to be loved. 

Fist bump bang to everyone! 
And don't forget, today is the best day ever!