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My Take on The Odd Life of Timothy Green

This movie was the greatest movie ever! It's about a man and woman who want a baby but can't have one. They are really sad. They write down what their kid would be like and put it in a box and buried in the garden. In the middle of a storm Timothy Green appears out of nowhere. 

He called them mom and dad. Timothy had something really cool on him, he had leaves on his legs. They were surprised by him but loved him right away. He was different and funny. When Timothy went to school he was bullied but he wasn't sad about it. He liked a girl and she liked him because he was different.

Timothy was on the soccer team but the coach would not let him play because he was not good enough. But he was happy being the water boy. Everyone was yelling and wanted the team to win but Timothy was not like that. No matter who rejected him he liked them, he wasn't mean back.

I don't want to give the entire movie away because I want you to watch it. At the end I cried. I cried really hard because it was such a good movie. I cried because I know what it is like to be different and for people to treat you like an alien. 

Life is not about who is a better soccer player or who can play the most instruments or being the most popular kid and having a million friends. Life is about happiness, love, God, and being yourself. 

A cool thing I found out was that the movie was filmed here in North Carolina. I want to go visit that town. It would be the perfect homeschool field trip.

Go watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green!