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In The Words Of The 13 Year Old

"Our school room rocks!" 

The kid said as he stopped mid-vocabulary lesson. 

"I'm glad you think so." I responded. 

It's no secret that our family is quite unhinged and our house reflects that with random bits of quirkiness throughout each room. 

On the days when homeschool lessons become stress induced tantrums (from me) I want the environment to reverse those ick factor feelings. 

The newest awesomeness is this:

And language arts just wouldn't be the sale without Zombie Magnetic Poetry. 

When those tough days come around we cover our frown with some sassy lips or sir it up with a fancy mustache. 

Having a fun school room is what has made the difference. I've been schooling the kid for five years and I'm happy that we have a designated space and can find humor when blech moments pop up.