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Why I'm Not Sending Out Christmas Cards

I love Christmas time.

I love the festive music, twinkling lights, and glittery ornaments. 

I love the Hallmark channel's holiday movies (even the uber cheesy ones).

Hot chocolate.
Peppermint bark.

I love Christmas time.

I could give you a whole host of reasons of why I decided not to send out Christmas cards but I won't.  
Am I too busy? 
Aren't we all? My time isn't any more valuable than yours.
Cost of picture cards?
I can design and print them at home if I wish to do so.
I do not wish to do so.

The reason is know what we're doing, what we look like, what we've done. Social media is a year-round Christmas card. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE receiving cards and letters, especially if the family has little's. I won't be offended if you stop sending me cards but know I love them. 

What would 2014's Christmas letter comprise of? Well...
Phil is still the regional director for LensCrafters.
I am still an author.
Logan is still a homeschooled teenager (he did publish a short story).
My grandpa and grandma passed away. *insert Debbie Downer music*

There you have it.
Christmas letter. Check.
I'm not downplaying any of our accomplishments, but through some form of communication, you know what we've done.  

To those in our family not on social media, i.e. grandparents, uncles, aunts, I am sending them a handwritten cards with a photo of Logan.

Handsome bugger, isn't he?
Christmas photo. Check.

Last Christmas, I received a few cards from people I never to talk with during the year. Never. Not even on social media. No fault on either part, it's just what happens, but I found it interesting. Is that what those people thought? Do we feel obligated? I know when Logan was little and going through many health issues, I would write my Christmas novel letter with motive. I wanted those people who ever said anything negative or derogatory about Logan or Phil or our situation to eat their words. Show them we are doing just fine, thank you. 

That was the twenty-something Andrea.
I'm 34 and could give a Kris Kringle what people think or say. That prove-to-you mentality sucked the holiday spirit right from my soul. 

I guess I am sending out cards but only 7. 
To be honest, handwritten cards are obsolete and that saddens me. And signing your name on a card doesn't count (cheaters). 
DO NOT SEND ME AN EMAIL CHRISTMAS CARD. Unless you are my family in Sweden. Don't send an email Christmas card to anyone.

Perhaps one day I will send Christmas cards again. Maybe during monumental years, when Logan graduates, or when we move overseas, but until that time please know, we love you all and have a fabulous, quirky holiday season. 

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  1. Lol...I wrote this long, polite, and personal reason why I send out Christmas cards. It totally disappeared. Gah! Basically, I do send them, each with a personal message to the individual, but I've never understood the annual "Year in the Life" letter. If the person wanted to know how you are, they would keep in touch all year; thus, I've never much understood the once a year contact Christmas card, especially those with a simple signature. But "real" mail - not bills and coupons/junk - is so very nice to receive anytime of year. I always pick out pretty cards or, lately, even made a few personalized cards (not easy to find a Yule card for my Wiccan friend!), and write my love in each. Not just "Love, Candy", but how each person has added love in my life. Takes a while to get them written (I sent over 60 cards!), but each individual added something special to my year, and even though I'd already thanked them, I added to it in the card. I do understand your reason for not sending cards. And postage isn't cheap, either!! But I sent cards as far away as Australia and Norway to friends I've made through a card exchange I organize (every 6-8 weeks) on another author's fan page. And I received many thank yous for arranging the exchange(s) because the questions I provide with the card exchange assignment allows others to get to know each other, and many have made really great friends with those ladies. So, to sum up my yak, yak, yakking, I totally get your reasons. I just sent them and had nearly opposite reasons for doing so. Lol!! I love you! And my quirky mustache family! *muah*!